About Us

Who Are Rebate Gateway

Rebate Gateway Limited are authorised tax agents, registered with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) under Registration Number: HY3075

Who are we?

We are Rebate Gateway Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number 12693328. Rebate Gateway is a tax consultancy business specialising in consumer rebate claims with HM Revenue & Customs. We help assemble and submit rebates on behalf of the general public. You do not need to use a rebate company such as ourselves and can file your claim directly with HM Revenue & Customs using the relevant forms obtained from HM Revenue & Customs. If you are not satisfied with their decision, you can use their internal appeals process, appeal to a tax tribunal or use an Alternative Dispute Resolution company.

What claims do we assist?

In April 2015, various tax breaks came into effect that most people in the UK can take advantage of. Changes in Personal Savings Allowance, introduction of Marriage Allowance and Uniform and Workplace Expenses meant that millions of adults throughout the UK were entitled to claim their tax relief entitlement.

Millions of UK adults have not benefited from their entitlements, details obtained following various freedom of information requests. We help individuals and couples make their rebate claims, going back to 2016 if appropriate and work to ensure that allowances are automatically claimed in the future.

What will we do?

We will ask you for relevant information for your claim. Where information is missing, we may make a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) to HM Revenue & Customs or a financial institution if applicable. If we do, we will use the results to confirm the details you provide, making corrections and filling in the gaps as necessary. We will confirm any amendments with you via email. Once the necessary information is available, we will determine whether we think you have a claim, striking out claim years that we think do not apply. If we believe that you do have a claim, we will file a retrospective rebate claim with HM Revenue & Customs using their paper application procedures, escalating the claim as necessary and appropriate.

If, in the investigation of your claim, we believe that you may have other claims with HM Revenue & Customs or any other bank/lender we will alert you and seek your approval to expand the filing or to make a new filing as appropriate and/or seek your approval to pass your file to a Solicitor for further review.

We will work on your behalf to get the maximum refund available and inform you once the claim is settled. We will ask HM Revenue & Customs to pay the settlement to us. We will keep 39% plus VAT of the settlement and forward the rest to you. If you are currently, or have previously been subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement/Protected Trust Deed/Bankruptcy or other debt order, we charge an additional fee on top of our usual service fee of £35 plus VAT per claim, making our minimum fee £70 plus VAT. In instances where the amount we have recovered is less than our Minimum Fee, we will never ask you to pay the difference. If HM Revenue & Customs pays the settlement to you, we will invoice you for our share. Please note that VAT is added to our charges.

What do you need?

We ask you to provide basic information about yourself, your spouse (in the event they are a joint claimant and/or you are claiming for Marriage Allowance), and your circumstances. If there is information missing, we may email you or call you. If there is still information missing and we request a DSAR, if the DSAR response suggests corrections or fills in any gaps, we will ask you to confirm these. We will keep you informed regularly of progress via email. We may need you periodically to confirm details, agree decisions, or sign documents.

No Rebate, No Fee
You have 14 days to cancel any agreement you enter into with Rebate Gateway after instruction – meaning upon completing an online application or signing and returning documentation in the case on onboarding postal application. You will not be charged if you cancel within the 14 day cooling off period. You can terminate this agreement at any time. If you do cancel the agreement after the 14 day cooling off period, you will still be charged the full service and administration fee upon success of your rebate. If you do not terminate this agreement and we are unable to secure a rebate from HMRC, you will not be charged anything.