Our No Rebate, No Fee promise means that we will only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering a rebate for you. There are no upfront costs and our fee is deducted from the HMRC settlement so you’ll never have to pay anything directly out of your own pocket.

Our Fees & Charges

Our fee for successful claims is 39% plus VAT subject to a minimum of £35 plus VAT. This covers our time and expertise in identifying and calculating your allowances, completing all necessary paperwork and liaising with HMRC until the claim is processed. You can see a full copy of our Terms and Conditions here.

If you are currently, or have been subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement/Protected Trust Deed/Bankruptcy or other debt order in any of the tax years accounted for within the rebate, we charge an additional fee on top of our usual service fee of £35 plus VAT per claim, making our minimum fee £70 plus VAT.

There are no hidden charges and you will never pay more than the value of the refund. In instances where the amount we have recovered is less than our Minimum Fee, we will never ask you to pay the difference.

Remember, whatever the outcome, you always benefit from making a claim:

  • You will pay less going forwards, due to the allowances we put into your tax code (in the case that your rebate is due to workplace expenses or marriage allowance)
  • You won’t need to claim again (unless you change jobs).
  • You will have peace of mind in knowing that you’ve paid the right amount of tax.
No Win, No Fee
You have 14 days to cancel any agreement you enter into with Rebate Gateway after instruction – meaning upon completing an online application or signing and returning documentation in the case on onboarding through an assessment call. You will not be charged if you cancel within the 14 day cooling off period. You can terminate this agreement at any time. If you do cancel the agreement after the 14 day cooling off period, you will still be charged the full service and administration fee upon success of your rebate. If you do not terminate this agreement and we are unable to secure a rebate from HMRC, you will not be charged anything.