Complaints Handling Procedure

Rebate Gateway is committed to providing an exceptional service to everyone; however, we recognise that thing can go wrong from time to time. If you are reading this guide, you may have experienced one of these unfortunate occasions where things have not gone as you would have expected – and we will do our best to put things right.

How we will handle your Complaint

Our aim is to handle your complaint fairly, consistently and quickly. In order to do this it will help if when making your complaint you provide as much information as possible regarding your concerns and tell us how you would like us to resolve the problem.

Complaint Review Timescales

We will always attempt to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. We will aim to do this by close of business on the third working day following receipt of your complaint.

If we are able to agree a resolution with you within this time frame, we will write to you by email to confirm this and explain the steps we will take to resolve your complaint.

There may be occasions where we need more time to investigate the issues you have faced. If this is the case, we will send you an acknowledgement of your complaint via email, which outlines our understanding of your complaint points and outline progress with have made with the investigation.

We ask that our clients allow us eight weeks to investigate a complaint and issue a final response. We will however always aim to get your complaint resolved prior to this deadline.

Complaint Investigation

Your complaint will be investigated by a Complaint Assessor, who would not have been directly involved in the events that led to your Complaint and will therefore act with impartiality.

The Complaint Assessor assigned to your case will review the relevant information on our system, any information provided by you and any information where necessary from third-parties (such as HM Revenue & Customs) as part of the complaints investigation process.

Please note that the Complaint Assessor may contact you to obtain further information, where appropriate. If we uphold your complaint we will apologise and we will explain what went wrong, and where appropriate correct and/or confirm the steps we will take to ensure that your complaint is resolved satisfactorily.

Wherever possible, we will of course take steps to prevent the problem happening again.

How to Contact Us about your Complaint

In the unfortunate circumstances in which you wish to make a formal complaint, or discuss an outstanding complaint with us – please contact us via the below mediums:

By LETTER: Rebate Gateway Limited, 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR