Am I Eligible?

It is highly likely, based on the circumstances surrounding your Individual Voluntary Arrangement – that you are entitled to a tax rebate!

As part of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Insolvency Practitioner routinely investigate the mis-sale of financial products, such as Payment Protection Insurance on your behalf.

If found that you are entitled to compensation, some if not all of the funds will be returned to your Insolvency Practitioner and split amongst your creditors. It is worth noting that occasionally funds are also forwarded to yourself, the client however the same conditions apply.

All claims since April 2016 have had basic rate income tax automatically deducted, prior to forwarding the compensation onto your Insolvency Practitioner. Therefore, if you are aware that claims have been carried out on your behalf – we are able to process a rebate for you.

If you are unaware if claims have been carried out on your behalf, we are able to check for you.