Tax Rebate Eligibility Checker

Following review of your case, we believe you a due a Tax Rebate!

Having now reviewed your case following processing of your Financial Mis-Selling Tax Rebate – we believe that you may be due a further rebate from HM Revenue & Cusotms. You can your eligibility for a further rebate within minutes, by completing our eligibility check.

Given we hold information from your current case, if you are eligible we can quickly process any rebate you are entitled too.

Check NOW whether you are eligible for a rebate!

How much can I claim?
How Much Can I Claim?

Depending upon your circumstances, you could be due up to £2500! In fact, 1 in 3 adults in the UK are due a Tax Rebate that they did not know about until using an eligibility checker. Once processed, repayment is usually received within 3-6 weeks.

Am I Eligible?

Your eligibility for a Tax Rebate is based around your Employment Status, and Marital Status, as well as various other conditions. Our eligibility checker will quickly determine what you are entitled too, and let you know.

How much can I claim?
How Does It Work?

To benefit from a Tax Rebate, an application must be made to HM Revenue & Customs – upon which your claim will be reviewed to issue a rebate of the withheld tax. These claims can be processed quickly and easily with Rebate Gateway.

No Rebate, No Fee!

Our No Rebate, No Fee promise means that we will only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering a rebate for you. There are no upfront costs and our fee is deducted from the HMRC settlement so you’ll never have to pay anything directly out of your own pocket. Terms and Conditions of Service apply.