Processing Fees

How long will your rebate take to process?

Apply for a rebate from HM Revenue & Customs in just a few easy steps with the Rebate Gateway

Generally, once you have submitted your rebate request payments are usually made within 4-6 weeks.

In order to ensure that the process if as fast and efficient as possible, please ensure that you have copies of the following documentation (if you do not have copies, please let us know and we can arrange the have them forwarded to us, however this will slow down your rebate application):

Financial Mis-Selling Tax Rebate

  • Letter of Uphold from all of the Banks/Lenders that you have received a redress from.
  • Details of your income in the year the redress has been received.

Marriage Allowance Rebate

  • National Insurance Number for both parties i.e Husband & Wife
  • Income details for both parties for the last 4 years
  • Photographic ID and Proof of Address for the Transferor