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    About Your PPI Refund

    Select which lenders you have had accounts with

    You are eligible to claim a tax rebate!
    Based on the information you have provided, you are eligible to make a claim for a tax rebate.

    Please click 'next' to proceed to complete the relevant claim form(s).

    Employment Status Confirmation
    HM Revenue & Customs calculates rebates on a sliding scale based on your income and employment circumstances.


    Working From Home Allowance
    For the 2020/21 tax year, HMRC allow you to claim the full allowance of £312 even if you worked at home for a single day in the year (online/telephone call/zoom meeting).

    Note: HMRC do not require receipts of expenses for this allowance.

    If you are married, you could be entitled to a rebate of up to £1188 depending upon your individual income circumstances.

    You are eligible for Marriage Allowance – would you like to claim? *

    Consent & Processing Agreement Confirmation
    I/We agree to have our data processed for the purpose of processing a rebate rebate attributed to my/our tax affairs. Additionally, I/We can confirm that all of the information I/We have included in our application is true to the best of our knowledge and I/We understand and agree to the terms of engagement.